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Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Linux

The latest VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Linux 22.06 brings some cool and interesting features like:

  • Web Enrollment
  • Application Sampling
  • Disk Encryption Detection
  • Additional Sensor Triggers
  • Additional Sensor Triggers
  • Remove Additional Dependencies on Puppet

The Minimum Requirements are:
Workspace ONE UEM 2206 running in a Shared SaaS environment or
-A Dedicated SaaS environment running Workspace ONE UEM 2206 of WS1 UEM that is enabled with the new Control Plane
Please note: Workspace ONE UEM for Linux is not currently available for on-premise installations.

In this Blog I would like to focus on the Web Enrollment feature on an Ubuntu 22.04.01 and how the steps look like

Start the Browser and type in your Group ID

As I have Workspace ONE Access as the source of Authentication configured I will be redirected and need to paste my credentials. (Username and password)

Type in your username
Type here your password

Here you need to select your Linux Agent Install Package and press Next afterwards.
As you see on the screen a pre-selected installation package is ready based on your Linux OS.

When the download is successfully completed, it is mandatory to close the browser.

Now open a Terminal Window and start the installation process of the
Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Type here your sudo password!

Here you need to press ‘Y’ to install additional package (puppet-agent)

Here you see that puppet was successfully installed and the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub enrollment completed successfully 🙂

Switching to the Workspace ONE UEM Console we see the newly enrolled Linux Device

Checking the Device Summary we can see that my Linux Device has the
Disk Encryption Detection enabled and configured.

Really interesting and useful features and improvements from my point of view I am curious how it continues with the Linux journey.


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