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Let’s upgrade to Workspace ONE Access 22.09

Here we go Workspace ONE Access is GA!
There are many new features and improvements that can be read here..

In this Blog I would like to cover the Online Upgrade from Workspace ONE Access to

Although we perform an online update, the following additional steps are required!
Log in to the VMware Customer Connect portal and navigate to the VMware Workspace ONE Access (VIDM) Download page.

Navigate to the update-fix.tgz section and download the file to your local client.

All important steps and a short guide can be found under the Read More section

Let’s check the appliance Version via the command line and you see that my appliance is running on version

Then let’s start with the update 🙂
First we need to upload the update-fix.tgz to your Workspace ONE Access Appliance!
This can be easily done with a tool like WinSCP 🙂

After we’ve uploaded the file we need to extract this one.
This can be done on the Appliance itself via the following command and should look this like.

If this was successful, we now need to replace the file configureupdate.hzn under /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn.
The command for this task is the following one:

The last step before the Update can start is to update the permission as below:

Check if an Online Update is available:

If yes you can start the Online Update:

It will take some minutes and you should see the following progress screen:

After a few minutes and if the update went fine you should see the following output and then you can just reboot the Workspace ONE Access appliance:

When the Workspace ONE Access appliance is up and running again we should see the following screen:

In addition to this we can check the version again via the command line 🙂

If we now log in via the Web Console

we the see the Redesigned Workspace ONE Access Navigation

So happy updating and enjoy the new features and enhancements!


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