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Upgrade the Workspace ONE Access Connector to 22.09

After the update of Workspace ONE Access went fine (you can check the post here), now it’s time to upgrade the existing VMware Workspace ONE Access connector installation to version 22.09 to get the latest features, security updates, and resolved issues. The Supported Upgrade Paths are:– 22.05-21.08.x– 20.10.x– 20.01.x In this guide and my LabContinue reading “Upgrade the Workspace ONE Access Connector to 22.09”


Let’s upgrade to Workspace ONE Access 22.09

Here we go Workspace ONE Access is GA!There are many new features and improvements that can be read here.. In this Blog I would like to cover the Online Upgrade from Workspace ONE Access to Important: Although we perform an online update, the following additional steps are required!Log in to the VMwareContinue reading “Let’s upgrade to Workspace ONE Access 22.09”

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Linux

The latest VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Linux 22.06 brings some cool and interesting features like: The Minimum Requirements are:–Workspace ONE UEM 2206 running in a Shared SaaS environment or -A Dedicated SaaS environment running Workspace ONE UEM 2206 of WS1 UEM that is enabled with the new Control PlanePlease note: Workspace ONE UEM forContinue reading “Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Linux”

Workspace ONE Access goes Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP)

Workspace ONE Access Cloud now supports a new authentication method ‘Authenticator App’ to enhance its native MFA capabilities. This MFA is ideal for users with unmanaged devices, can be used offline, and requires no collection of personal identifying information (PII). Users can leverage any authenticator app of their choice–such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Okta Verify,Continue reading “Workspace ONE Access goes Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP)”

VMware Tunnel for Standalone enrollment

VMware has released new versions of the Tunnel application for Windows and macOS.  The VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel 3.0 for Windows and VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel 22.05 for macOS now supports Standalone Enrollment without Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or any device management. The Minimum Requirements are: macOS version 11 or later Windows 10 or later WorkspaceContinue reading “VMware Tunnel for Standalone enrollment”

VMware SASE – VMware Secure Access

In this blog I would like to provide a step-by-step instructions for setting up a basic VMware Secure Access tunnel .With Secure Access we ensure all users have secure access to cloud and data center hosted applications through a global network of service nodes with VMware SD-WAN and Workspace ONE.  Now I would like toContinue reading “VMware SASE – VMware Secure Access”

VMware SASE – VMware Cloud Web Security

In this blog I would like to cover the Cloud Web Security (CWS) topic that is a service of VMware SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) that protects users and infrastructure when these users access web applications.CWS is a cloud hosted service delivered using a global network of SASE PoPs (Points-of-Presence) closer to the user. NowContinue reading “VMware SASE – VMware Cloud Web Security”

VMware Anywhere Workspace Blog series

Part of my job at VMware as a EUC Senior Solution Engineer is supporting our customers and partners on their Digital Workspace Journey to a Modern Workplace.And as I so often say to my colleagues, we are driving the #AnywhereWorkspaceTruck 🙂 In the past years I gained a lot of experience and was also partContinue reading “VMware Anywhere Workspace Blog series”

Unified Access Gateway Log Level Settings

One of the new and very useful features in the latest VMware Unifies Access Gateway 2111.x release is the option to configure log level modes such as DEBUG and TRACE for individual components instead of globally for all components. You can configure it via the Admin-Interface within the Support section and then Log Level Settings.Continue reading “Unified Access Gateway Log Level Settings”