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Upgrade the Workspace ONE Access Connector to 22.09

After the update of Workspace ONE Access went fine (you can check the post here), now it’s time to upgrade the existing VMware Workspace ONE Access connector installation to version 22.09 to get the latest features, security updates, and resolved issues.

The Supported Upgrade Paths are:
– 22.05
– 20.10.x
– 20.01.x

In this guide and my Lab I am performing an upgrade from Version 21.08. to the latest 22.09. one!

First download the Workspace ONE Access Connector Software from the VMware Customer Connect portal  and copy the file to the server where the connector is currently installed on.

Start the Workspace ONE Access Connector installer.

You’ll will receive a notification that an older version of the Workspace ONE Access Connector is already installed and an upgrade will be performed, just click OK here.

The installer is backing up the old version, this can take some time so be patient here.

Accept the License Agreement and press the Next button.

Depending on your Use Cases you can decide which Services you want to install, in
my example I am hosting all services on this Connector Server. Just press Next to continue!

Important Considerations about the es-config.json file!
If the upgrade If you are upgrading from version 21.08.x or 22.05, and you
generated an es-config.json configuration file after the Workspace ONE Access 21.08 release or September 2021 Cloud release, you do not need to generate a new es-config.json file.

To generate a new file, in the Workspace ONE Access console, go to Integrations > Connectors, click New, create a new file on the Download Configuration File page of the wizard.

Just browse to the file location paste the password and press the Next button.

Here you can decide if you execute the Default or Custom upgrade, in my example I’ll keep it simple and select the Default one.

As I have the Kerberos Service already installed and selected it also during the upgrade
I need to paste here the password for this service account.

A quick Summary and the we are ready to Install the Upgrade.

Installer starts..

…and is installing one service after the other. This can take some minutes, so just relax and drink a cup of coffee. 🙂

If everything has worked, we should receive the following message, just press Finish here and restart to Connector Server.

Checking the Windows Services, everything looks good all of my installed services are up and running.

Now it’s time to log in to the Workspace ONE Access Console and check the Connector there!
And here too all services are healthy and running! 🙂

As a last test I’ve also checked the login with an Active Directory User and everything worked fine, so from my point of view the update was successful!!


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